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Gufron, guide trekking in Mentawai Islands These tips just informing and remind you in doing the journey in Mentawai Islands, so that your journey succeeds well.
Such other place in the world, you must respect and methodical along with traditions-and-practices custom ceremony that occurring in that area.

The following of several tips in the Mentawai's journey:

  1. It is best in the journey to Mentawai Inlands, you always used guide (it's better from local people) that will assist a lot in your journey.
    When you would like to use guide's service/the driver from us, Click Here,
    or send email to
  1. Know and according some word and short sentences which general used to communicate with them.
    Like anaileoita (hello / how are you), tak kuagai (I don't know / I don't understand), masura bagata (thanks you), bojoik (I'm sorry).
    This matter is very useful to more bring closer yourself with residents local.
    For other general language, click here.
  2. For you free world's activist that regularly brings a tent, for journey to Mentawai Islands the matter was not extremely needed.
    Besides area that is more less be sufficient (wet or slow), build a tent at any place can be wrongly meaning you take possession land of people.
    At generally, guests who comes sleep at Uma (resident house).
    Work to bring hammock (custom mosquito of nets) for protection when sleeping in inland areas.
    This matter to avoid mosquito's sufficient assault.
  3. Bring tobaccos or cigarettes in your journey.
    This matter need to contact and socialization with person you meet, because for Mentawai society tobaccos or cigarettes as the symbol of "Friendship".
    Bring tobaccos and give it to them if you visit the family house, they will accept you with good thinking and take your tobaccos as the symbol of your friendship.
  4. Don't take the photo with human object (especially kerei) without earlier requesting for permission to them.
    When this matter you do to secretly, when they know then you will strike tulou (fine). If not, regularly when you print it the object you are capture loose and you will get not the black shadow on your photo paper.
  5. Anyhow don't throw the dirt in the river.
    River in Mentawai society is to be a important matter and they fear to annoyed from tai ka bagat koa (the inhabitant's soul water).
    When you do, you will strike tulou (fine).
    Or if you are forced to, first asked to your guide or to the residents that you find.
  1. Don't ask bilou hunting (endemik monkey) for special tourism atraction. For Mentawai traditional peopple, hunting a monkey just done when punen (custom party).
  2. In the middle of Siberut Island (society's inland place which very primitive), extremely didn't bring or showing adorn oneself that light up (especially gold) to them.
  3. Bring enough money in your journey, because no bank or money changer in South Siberut.
  4. Even better before leave go to Mentawai, drink malaria's medicine and bring several rounds for proposal in the journey and don't forget to bring first aid kit, because medicine service doesn't good.


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