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Mr. Jonas, a guide in South Siberut Although entering West Sumatra Province (around 180 mil from Padang beach line), Mentawai custom and traditions is very different with Minangkabau (residents continent). Mentawai people who famous with their tattoo on the all body, from head until leg, at generally still very traditional and primitive. Their culture is awakening well.

Trekking in the middle Siberut Island, about 30 km walking or raising boat from Siberut Estuary...
Journey which you will not forget.
Enter to virgin forest which still wilderness and meet the original Mentawai residents that still primitive and doesn't have the most influenced outside, that culture lives by nature from forest's result.
The Mentawai society's culture is very unique.

Trekking to Siberut Island:

No. Package Type Price Facilities Description
1. 7 days US$ 250 / person food and drink, transportation and accommodation in the journey. Price will be lessened when more than 2 person.
2. 15 days US$ 450 / person

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