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Settlement PartyPunen Masipaeru Langgai

Punen Ke Ibara Simamatei
(Burial of Ceremony)

When adult passed away, his corpse is brought as soon as possible to grave. If with night there is person who dies, should be really buried morning. If he dies afternoon, with is as soon as possible buried, although at night the hunt comes. Corpse's body is wrapped with karai's skin, and personal possession things the following. Dressed to him the new loin-cloth (cawat), at its neck is hung necklace of adornment. All as adornment is bandage to, until that corpse's body seem only its appearance only. Frequently also its possession boat becomes a bier for chest to die. Everyone went to tomb. Several person had gone earlier to carry out tomb and dig grave.

Kerei is doing a turu' (dance)

If death happened in Punen is occurring on land then the corpse is laid only. Are later closed with tobat leleu, a kind of leaves that is worn to cover with roof the house. Transfix by several wood that tree branch near place to lie down of corpse that is bound to those branches, until the corpse will remain are protected. The corpse will be buried after Punen.

At night, everyone gathers in the woe house. Then is slaughtered by chicken and the pig for jointly eaten. Cut of animal's heart is intentionally kept for person to die and other cut of heart are put above tei-tei loina's leaf that is wrapped. The presentation is brought to house veranda when stated:
"So, this is your food, heart of chicken and pig, this is pakalepa. Hi, Pitok, get out for our division. You are refuses, however on the other hand us also to us such".

Had ready feed the person's lives die, then youths and children eat jointly at laibokat. Then, the ceremony is finish.

When the child who passed away, then the ceremony is more medium, because life child's that is deadly not frighten and doesn't need a presentation.

But then, is that the deadly person had been, however buried Its relation with who persons lives to be not at all cut off. Person who died frequently to emerge to return in various, to frighten the person who live. Soul of Person's deadly wandering would like to take its possession things that is left. In fact to curb it interference, then at night all possession person's things that dies are put at house veranda. Hence the person's life dies will be free see that and it will not disturb. Eventually it not make act and not disturb the person lives. It will go to leave the place.

Settlement PartyPunen Masipaeru Langgai

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